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MX KEY new + ACT + buku by andra

PRICE :500.000


PRICE : 2.700.000
INFO : Smart-Clip is a professional unlock device for Motorola that removes SP/SIM/phone lock and resets Security/User Code.
Smart-Clip works with a wide range of mobile phone models.
S-Card dongle is a Smart-Clip sub-device providing high level protection in the process of operation and updates.
Currently supported phone models

PRICE : 4.800.000


PRICE : 2.050.000
INFO : DreamBox is a professional device designed for mobile phones service and repair. DreamBox works with a wide range of phone models. It provides capabilities for diagnostics, restoring and repair of mobile phones

# unlock all locks and phone code
# allow SP-Lock to any network
# read/write EEPROM, firmware, flash
# fast read/write language packs/T9 packs
# repair all dead phones
# repair IMEI
# soft works at all known SW versions
# works on all Windows systems (win95, win98, win ME, win2000, winXP etc.)
# can flash and communicate with phones on high speeds (921600 bps ) on every PC
# many boxes can be connected to one PC
# fast flashing, stable work on every PC
# remote UPDATE function (box firmware and software can be updgraded remotely)
# from one side DreamBox is connected to PC through USB interface. From another, device has 2 inputs for connection with a phone.
# can use other flash formats

MT-BOX 5 in 1 + kabel sony

PRICE : 2,350.000
INFO : Effective from 1st December 2008 all Nokia MT-Box Activated with BB5Act & MT Box (Siemens) Functions & MT Box (SE) Functions


MT Nokia 1.49 is out
Fixed bugs from 1.48
no need server for reset BB5 counter.
flashing E65 with new loaders via USB (old and new E65 supported).
ini files fixed to work with new loaders.
added 6300 v6.01 counter reset.
now all models loaded in list box.

New version- 1.48 setup is out!

MTB_NK 1.48 Release:
some version for unlock bb5 phones.
added few versions to reset counters bb5 phones.
fixed boot problem for dct4+ phones (some 1650).
bugs fixed in BB5 USB flashing
fixed flashing e65 (spain )

cruiser + 6 IN 1 kabel

PRICE : 825.000




PRICE : 1.025.000
INFO : Sebuah alat dengan spesial software yang dapat membantu menemukan pin RX & TX seperti halnya memilih pin RX & TX secara manual pada CPU dan hardware yang berbeda. Bisa distel secara manual ataupun otomatis. Dapat mendeteksi pin Hp yang kondisinya atau HP yang mengalami kerusakan pada softwarenya.

HWK Original

PRICE : 550.000
New HWK Update Client v3.04 only allows you to use HWK chip together with the ufs / twister / Nbox which you have update it with..
Once you have updated the HWK with a box, you can only use the HWK chip with that box only, and the HWK can not be used with other ufs/twister/Nbox boxes anymore
SO MAKE SURE TO ONLY UPDATE THE HWK CHIP WITH THE ufs / twister / Nbox BOX WHICH YOU INTEND TO USE, because it will not work with other boxes once updated. And in this case we will not be held responsible if the hwk chip does not work with other boxes, if that was not the original box which you had updated it with.

Z3X X-Ware by GPG Samsung

PRICE : 1.325.000

UCT Box Flasher (China Tool)

PRICE : 1.450.000
INFO : UCT Box adalah satu perusahaan software dengan ET-Box Tim dengan bangga mengumumkan ada Program UCT hardware"baru". Platform terbaru dan paling canggih untuk ponsel Cina.
Dengan Program UCT Box, Anda dapat melakukan banyak tambahan dengan ponsel cina. Seperti 2nd IMEI Repair, Touch Screen Calibrasi, Pinfinder Tercepat & paling akurat, SpreadTrum support (tidak ada unsur Hardware tambahan diperlukan) dan lebih banyak lagi. Program baru UCT Box juga memiliki kemampuan untuk selftest pada box dan melaporkan kesalahan dalam kasus rusak apapun. UCT Box dirancang dengan teknologi terbaru dengan harga yang ekonomis di pasar Cina. Auto detect Pinfinder yang cepat pada Handphone China. Yang terbaik tidak perlu menjadi yang paling mahal, bukan?


PRICE : 250.000

Setool Platinum + ACTIVASI Harga Gila

PRICE : 1.450.000
INFO : *Setool Platinum + Kabel 10pcs + Activasi *Harga Gila

Infinity Dongle For CDMA Phone

PRICE : 750.000
INFO : List of supported models:
Haier: C2000, C2010, C2030, C2040, C2076, C3000, C301, C3010, C5000, C5100, C6300

Huawei : C2205, C2206, C2285, C2601, C2607, C2801, C2802, C2803, C2806, C2807, C2821, C2822, C2900, C2900i, C2905, C2906, C506, C5005, C5300, C5320, C5330, C5589, FWP-CT800, FWP-ETS-2205

LG : RD 3000, 3100, 3500, 3510, 3530, 3540, 3600, 3610, 3630, 6100, 6150

ZTE : C330, C335, C336, C339, C370, F280, S100, S130, S131

Samsung : SCH-B119, SCH-B139, SCH-B189, SCH-B239, SCH-B259, SCH-B279, SCH-B309, SCH-B319, SCH-B399, SCH-B619, SCH-E159, SCH-F302, SCH-F309, SCH-F679, SCH-S189, SCH-S229, SCH-S259, SCH-S269, SCH-S279, SCH-S299, SCH-S339, SCH-X609, Rainbow-mts: S189

New supported models coming soon...

If you have unsupported model or software version, please contact to: support@infinity-cdma.com

Mx key dongle Full activasi

PRICE : 400.000

Sikecil mungil Buatan anak bangsa ini memang tak kalah Hebatnya dengan Box Flasher Nokia Tool Lainnya.

Selain Harga yang Relatif Murah Juga Mudah Di pahami dan lebih mudah dalam merepair Security Nokia BB5

MCN Pro Box (China Tool)

PRICE : 2.000.000
INFO : * Support automatical identification ,Scan the phone's pinouts definition in few seconds..
* Support many chips such as MTK, ADI, SPD, SKY,TI,INF,AGERE,OM etc.
* Built-in USB detection chip which make USB detection the phone more fast and more accuracy.
* Negative / positive can be converted fully automated. It is more convenient to detect tail socket.
* High speed serial port PL2303 and FT232 and 24pins COM which makes route unlimited.
* Scan VCC, GND, TXD, RXD and high-voltage startup route (or low-voltage startup route).
* Perfect over-voltage protection
* It is a unibox so such some free software you can direct use
* The pinfinder was included
* More powerful fuction in action

Package content :

- 1 pcs Mcnpro box.
- 37 pcs cable.
- 1 pcs 9V DC.


PRICE : 1.350.000
INFO : About T-BOX
Support these types of CPU chips which as following:
MTK, SPD, Ankai, ADI, SKY, TI, INF, AGERE, OM, SI, 4904 etc.. Scan these chips and BOOT signal automatically, we can upgrade the master for scanning the unknown chips, the scanning speed is supper fast and accurate.

NEW: All intelligent operation & human design
1. Identify cable no need manual control, applicable for any cables from other factories
2. Identify chips by scanning automatically (not suggest because of the slow speed, time from 2second to 6 minutes)
3. Scan BOOT signal automatically, no need to press the power-on key of mobile phone when scanning the SPD chip(just need to press the "reset" key to power off when doing the "write" and "read" operation
4.The software platform will pop-up after the scanning done.
Scan USB explanation of scanning master


PRICE : 2.000.000

CPF-BOX II Characteristics

You can set universal cable by this box,If u know their pinouts.
(24 pins free set by yourself.support:RXD、TXD、RI、DSR、RTS、CTS、DTR、DCD、VC C、D+、D-、GND、pull resistance Up/Down and short circuit any dual pins……etc)

.::repair MTK6225 CPU "BAD SOFTWARE" problem::.
.::support all SPD.MTK CPU read/write/unlock/change imei::.
.::Support repair Infineon 7880 cpu error imei problem::.

.::3 free ports can support any free software::.
.::auto detect charger pin and SPD cpu pinout::.

1 Three communication chips,three communication channels
(1) PL2303:USB To COM convetion chip,which is especially efficient to MTK、AD、SKY
(2) FT232BM:USB To COM convetion chip,which is especially efficient to TI、infineon
(3) COM:Which is most stable,and to some old type phones,it's compatiblity will be very useful
The CPF box will automatically choose which communication channel is best according to the phone,and intelligentlly set the box's parameters in order to repair the phone


PRICE : 250.000
lash software (upgrade/downgrade) Change Language Pack Unlock SP simlocks LOCK phone to any network Rebuild IMEI Flash/Repair Bluetooth Save User Settings Full UI Defaults UI Factory Defaults Full Factory Defaults Format User Area (WD2 phones only) Format User Drive for some models only Read/Write PM Read/Write UEM Read/Write Product Profile (PP) Software Upgrade Defaults Reset User Lock (Security code) Repair Contact Retailer/Startup Failed ( If software problem for WD2 Models only) Repair Contact Service (If software problem for DCT-4 models) DCT-L FEATURES: Currently

Z3X Samsung

PRICE : 1.300.000

INFO : Z3X-Box Samsung Edition:
Hardware info:
Z3X-Box - Ftdi box with shlumberger cryptoflex card inside.
Possibility to use Z3X box as universal box cables(Unibox pinout)
22 high quality rj45 cables.
Package Content:
- Z3X usb box
- Free software update, free acces to support download (Fast server, Total about 100gbt -> every day upload new files )
- Samsung cable sets 22pcs: D800, Z500, E810, E860, Z320I, E530, E700, D720, D500, Z105, S100 V804, X540, E210, LG 7050, C140, C160, C180, C260, C450, J750.
Software info:
- Supported platforms: Agere,Sysol, Swift,Infenion, OMAP and Qualcomm
- Alphabetical phone model selection or selection by platforms from Z3x Shell
- Auto displays information about required cable for each on selecting phone model
- Auto display if phone must be connected with or without battery
- Online updater firmware Smart Card firmware
- Multilanguage interface:
- All modules is Self expansibility by advanced users and exchange by configuration files between them.
- Loading News from a server about updates versions and plans
- Use flash files in original format (only UMTS crypted)
- Working with SWAP PCB
- Service jobs (Battery calibration/Lcd contrast/RX TX, ... resets)
- Automatic login to support area from Z3x Shell (Support Button)
UMTS module:
UMTS Supported models:

Infinity X-Ware Indonesia Edition By GPG

PRICE : 3.100.000
INFO :*Supported GSM models *Supported CDMA models *Supported models for language pack editing *Supported models for mobile content extraction *Infrastructure & security

NEW Nero Team

PRICE : 950.000

INFO : Features overview:
-Recovery any red / white blinking phone
-Security area rebuild
-Remove SIMlock (network lock) and usercode lock
-Any possible CID / Color conversion
-Works on both COM and USB interfaces
-Once activated, no internet connection required
-200 preloaded credits already on card. One phone takes 1 credit
-Multi language user friendly interface

Supported models:
-DB2000: K600, K608, V600, V800, W900, Z800, Z1010
-DB201X: J300, F500, K310, K310, K320, K500, K508, K510, K700, K750, S700, W200, W300, W310, W550, W600, W700, W800, W810, Z520, Z525, Z530, Z550
-DB2020: K530, K550, K610, K618, K770, K790, K800, K810, S500, T650, V630, W580, W610, W660, W710, W830, W850, W880, W888, Z610, Z710
-DB3150: C702, C902, G502, K630, K660, K850, K858, T700, TM506, V640, W595, W760, W890, W902, W908, W910, W980, Z750, Z770, Z780
-DB3200: F100, J105, T707, W508, W518
-DB3210: C510, C901, C903, C905, G705, TM715, W705, W715, W995
U10, U100, X5


ATF Box Flasher (Nokia Tool)

PRICE : 1.375.000
INFO : 480 mbps HIGH-SPEED USB 2.0 Connection ( First In World )
- PC connection is 40 times faster than any other box in the market

100% FPGA based implementation of the flash bus protocols( First In World )
-Significantly faster and more stable than regular MCU based boxes

Adjustable VCCIO Logic Levels (3.30v, 2.80v and 1.80v)
-Compatible with old phone model Logic Level (3.30v)
-Compatible with new phone model Logic Level (2.80v)
-Compatible with future phone model Logic Level (1.80v)

Proper ESD protection on the FLASHBUS port
-Protects phone damage due to Electro Static Discharge

Ultra Fast Flash Clock currently upto 15 Mhz (First In World )
-Firmware updatable to support upto 60 Mhz without the need
of hardware modifications

Internal VPP Flash Voltage Generator (3.0v, 5.0v, 9.0v and 12.0v)
-Makes Flash Erasing on slow phones faster
-Does not require external power adapters to generate 9.0v and 12.0v
-Uses a Fast Switching SEPIC design

Hardware Upgradable using internal Expansion Slots
Micro-SD Card Slot for future developments

Dual RJ-4x Ports (RJ-45 and RJ-48) for External Communication
-The RJ-45 Port is the main "Turbo" Bus
-The RJ-48 Port is the Secondary Bus that can be made
to support parallel or serial protocols such as 2Mbps UART,
JTAG, and Flashing Protocols.

5 Multi Colored LED Indicator Lights
-Rectangular Orange : FBUS_RX
-Rectangular Green : FBUS_TX
-Circular Blue : USB_POWER / ACP-X_POWER
-Circular Green : VBATT
-Circular Orange : VPP


Spiderman Box

PRICE : 1.300.000

INFO : Spiderman box include usb pin finder

Spiderman Box (Packaged with 17 pcs cables) Spiderman Box-Automatic exchange battery electrode connector.-With a empty smart-card socket insidex.-popular RJ45 and USB port.-Unlock and IMEI repair.- Add or change language.

Hardware Features: Contain all kinds Chinese phones connectors.Add new cables at anytime without cost. Automatic scan the phone's pinouts definition in few seconds.support most of Chinese phones and Samsung,lg etc. Manual random defines 24pins(max) free signals(rxd,txd,usb,etc). Automatic exchange battery electrode connector. With a empty smart-card socket inside, popula RJ45 and USB port. 32bit ARM processor.support online hardware upgrade. Software Features: Support all serial MTK,Spreadtrum,AD,TI,Skyworks,Agere,Philips and Infineon Platform. Feedback and restore full flash room (NOR and NAND)used all format file Unlock and IMEI repair Add or change language Unprotect MTK-UID etc

Package Contains :

1 x Spiderman Box 17 x cables

cable 1 x L24A

Cable 1 x L22A

Cable 1 x L20A

Cable 1 x L20B

Cable 1 x L18A

Cable 1 x L18B

Cable 1 x L14B+L10E 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L14F+L12A 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L14D+L12B 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L14C+L10D 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L14E+L12C 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L10A+L10B 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L10C+L08A 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L4B+L3B 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L14A+L5B 2 in 1

Cable 1 x L5A+L4A+L3A 3 in

website: http://www.flashgsm.com

Setool Platinum

PRICE : 1.025.000

INFO : Perbaikan Softwaree Sony Ericson, LG

New comer and new design from setool .. Packaged with 10 pcs cables. http://setool3-platinum.com Flash and Unlock CID49 phones without testpoint - Flashing - Unlocking - Repairing - Change languagepack - Supported 16 phones at once - Flash and Unlock CID49 phones without testpoint

- added support repair dead db3200-based lg phones (gt505,etc)

if /sys partition damaged
(you CAN'T read gdfs, erase SecData errors)
add to firmware area gt505_syspart_fix.ssw
press flash
unlock phone

cyclone Box (Nokia Tool)

PRICE : 1.350.000
INFO : Cyclonebox supports following BB5 phones for Unlock:
PA_SL1 & PA_SL2 Supported Phones:
* N70 (RM-84) N71 (RM-112) N72 (RM-180) 6680 (RM-36) 6681 (RM-57) 6682 (RM-58) 3109c (RM-274) 3110c (RM-237) 3250 (RM-38) 3500c (RM-272) 3500cb (RM-273) 5200 (RM-174) 5200b (RM-181) 5300 (RM-146) 5300b (RM-147) 5500 (RM-86) 6085 (RM-198) 6086 (RM-188) 6086b (RM-260)....
Cyclonebox supports following BB5 phones for Unlock:
PA_SL1 & PA_SL2 Supported Phones:
* N70 (RM-84) N71 (RM-112) N72 (RM-180) 6680 (RM-36) 6681 (RM-57) 6682 (RM-58) 3109c (RM-274) 3110c (RM-237) 3250 (RM-38) 3500c (RM-272) 3500cb (RM-273) 5200 (RM-174) 5200b (RM-181) 5300 (RM-146) 5300b (RM-147) 5500 (RM-86) 6085 (RM-198) 6086 (RM-188) 6086b (RM-260)....

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